Why Is Semalt's SEO Personal Dashboard The Ideal Tool To Provide Better SEO Service To Your Clients?

As an SEO service provider, finding the best SEO tool for your own use is often not possible without thorough research. However, several tools are at your fingertips and some are even free.

Indeed, in search engine optimization, in particular, there is a multitude of tools to achieve the SEO goals sought.

Have you ever done SEO in the past or has an SEO agency done it for you? In this case, you, therefore, understand how wise it is to carry out an SEO audit at certain intervals. But, the most important thing is to get relevant and complete information. Thus, all factors relevant to search engines are critically controlled in order to derive concrete recommendations for action on the next step to increase your organic visibility. An SEO audit reveals the factors to be optimized and, thanks to appropriate prioritization, allows a structured approach to the SEO measures to be carried out.

Through this article, we want to share with you the SEO Personal Dashboard, an all-in-one tool that saves you the heavy burden of having to search for a tool for each task at hand.

So, let's discover all the features to which you have free access thanks to SEO Personal Dashboard.

What tools do you have access to with the SEO Personal Dashboard?

SEO tools are useful programs, which are often Software displayed as Service Solutions and sometimes extensions for your browser. They support you in search engine optimization and provide you with data for in-depth analyzes of your website. With the help of SEO analysis, you can understand the current state of your website and discover the potential for improvement to optimize your website for higher rankings. There are many different solutions.

As we announced a little above, thanks to the SEO Personal Dashboard, you have access to a multitude of tools in one and the same place. Therefore, let's take a quick look at what you can do with SEO Personal Dashboard.

1. Keyword research tools

Keyword research is about identifying commonly used words and phrases that people type into search engines. Keyword research helps you better understand high-demand search terms. It also tells you how hard it is to compete for these terms in organic search results. Keyword research thus provides direction to your optimization efforts.

It's not just a matter of checking the number of searches for a particular keyword. Rather, it's about exploring the many different ways people search for an idea or topic with Google. Therefore, finding popular keywords is not just a big part of search engine optimization, but an important part of content marketing as a whole. Because research can help you come up with ideas for your next blog post, learning more about your audience's needs, and more.

2. Content optimization tools

Content optimization is a process in which a website and its content are optimized to be more attractive, useful and convenient for users. The processes usually include corrections and improvements to texts so that they perform better in search engines and achieve higher rankings.

SEO Personal Dashboard helps you accomplish this task in a much more organized and professional way.

3. Backlink analysis tools

A backlink is a process of linking from one website to another that is often more authoritative. Search engines often use backlinks as one of the criteria for ranking a website. The reason is simple: When a website links to another, search engines see it as having particularly good content. High-quality backlinks can help improve your website's ranking position and visibility in search engine results.

However, to know which authority site to use to help your customers benefit effectively from the backlinking system, SEO Personal Dashboard is what you absolutely need.

4. Link building tools

Linking is the creation of one-sided hyperlinks (also called "backlinks") to a website for the purpose of improving search engine visibility. Common link building strategies include content marketing, developing useful tools, email contact, public relations, and more.

5. Technical SEO tools

Technical SEO includes all technical measures that can affect your Google ranking. This includes, among other things, identifying crawling problems, checking HTTPS status codes, checking XML sitemap; analyzing and eliminating load-time problems, ensuring the ideal mobile presentation of the website, creating a functioning Robots.txt; optimization of Meta titles and descriptions; removing incorrect links and identifying duplicate content.

6. Local SEO tools

Local SEO is all about making businesses whose customers are interested in the company's head office more visible in search results. These could be fixed businesses with physical locations, such as a grocery store or dental office, or a service company that operates in a specific geographic area, an electrician, or a cleaning company. This includes everything from claiming a business listing to ensuring that a franchise business location appears in a local Google search. It also extends to managing online reviews, participating in local social media, and more.

7. Rankings tracking tools

Rank tracking is the examination of the positions of the keywords for which a website ranks in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Rank tracking is all about tracking and analyzing organic keyword positions. It is based on current rankings and historical data so that you can analyze the progress and its impact on organic traffic.

SEO Personal Dashboard provides you with reports through real-time updates. Thus, at all times, you will allow your customers to know the state of their website and everything that needs to be done to improve it effectively.

Why is the SEO Personal Dashboard the right tool for you?

There are several reasons why SEO Personal Dashboard is an ideal SEO analysis and audit platform tailored to your clients' requirements. Rest assured: SEO Personal Dashboard has already proven itself and to verify it, we invite you to discover the testimony of those who have benefited from its effectiveness. Here's why you necessarily need SEO Personal Dashboard:

SEO Personal Dashboard can be used by any category of service

SEO Personal Dashboard can be used by any category of service namely: SEO agencies; freelance SEO managers or Semalt service resellers.
  • Freelancers can use SEO Personal Dashboard because they then have a complete SEO solution that includes all the tools needed to get high rankings on Google and other search engines. Additionally, there is no need to purchase multiple SEO tools or services. Indeed, SEO Personal Dashboard has everything you need to effectively promote your clients' services.
  • As an SEO agency, having better-specialized tools at your disposal is the perfect way to provide better service to your clients in every way. So, it is obvious that through the SEO Personal Dashboard, you have the possibility of attracting many more customers to your business. Also, the fact of offering better services to your customers via the SEO Personal Dashboard is proof that this tool also allows you to retain them and therefore to make big profits.
  • As a last resort, even if you are neither a Freelancer nor an SEO Agency, you can benefit from SEO Personal Dashboard by participating in the Semalt Reseller Program. So, by promoting Semalt services, you can also earn money. What are you waiting for to try your luck? You have nothing to lose since it does not involve any costs at all.


SEO Personal Dashboard is the platform that we have just briefly introduced to you through this article. Our goal in doing this is to give you access to the best SEO tools on the market. So whether you are a Freelancer or an SEO agency, this all in one tool is what you need to improve the performance of your clients and allow them to earn more money.

Apart from providing better service to your customers, you can also use the SEO Personal Dashboard to improve your own services or earn money from its promotion.

What else do you want to know about SEO? We are an agency experienced in the field of SEO. As such, we have a team of experts who are able and ready to support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So why not enjoy it?

For more information on the SEO Personal Dashboard, please contact us.

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